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Featured Loan Programs

We excel in providing both traditional and specialty loan programs.  We understand that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the multitude of property types and credit/income profiles of our clients.  We offer a comprehensive array of loan products that goes far beyond what is offered by most banks and brokers.

Portfolio Lending

If your situation is not cookie-cutter, then chances are that you would be best matched with a lender that is not jut reselling Fannie Mae (FNMA) or Freddie Mac (FHLMC) loan programs.  We have relationships with many lenders who think and work 'out of the box,' and lend their own money, and these loans are held in their own portfolio.

Traditional Mortgages

With over 60 classic mortgage banks to choose from, we always have the most competitive loan products at our fingertips.  In fact, our computerized database of loan programs and real time pricing is unequaled for selecting the best quotes possible for financing your next purchase or refinance.

Bridge (Private) Lending

Hey buddy, want to buy a bridge?  Well, we could finance it.  Seriously.  We have banks and private lenders who will lend on almost any type of improvement .  This includes bridges!   Often this is for situations where either the borrower, the property, or the transaction is not 'bankable' yet makes sense.  We work with scores of private lenders who finance what banks don't fund.

Securities-Based Lending

We now offer loans collateralized entirely by a portfolio of securities.   No credit report required.  No application to complete.  Simply provide a current account statement and picture ID, and we can lend up to 65% of the account value at low rates...and this is not a 'margin loan.'  This is offered through one of the largest brokerages in the world, and is perfect for anyone who owns stocks, bonds, mutual funds, yet does not want to liquidate them, perhaps for tax purposes.  We recently closed one of these loans for a client who could not prove enough income to qualify for a traditional loan, and the rates are much lower than that of private financing.  In this case, the client needed a 3rd loan on a property that also had a seller carry that wrapped two other liens.  Very complicated.  Our product saved the day and was the perfect solution.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our sister company, Investment Property Capital (www.ipcap.net) arranges loan for all types of commercial properties.

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